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University of Cape Coast

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The University of Cape Coast, Ghana, is one of the rare sea-front universities in the world. The University was established in 1962 out of a dire need for highly qualified and skilled manpower in education and was affiliated to the University of Ghana. Thus, it was established to train graduate teachers for second cycle institutions; Teacher Training Colleges; and Technical Institutions, a mission that the two universities existing then were unequipped to fulfill. The University was also given the mandate “to serve the needs of the whole country” and “to play a unique role in national development by identifying national needs and addressing them.”

The University has since its establishment added to its functions the training of education planners, administrators, agriculturalists and, health professionals. The University is, therefore, playing a role that is unique and vital to the education enterprise of the nation. With judicious planning and careful execution, the university has grown from a fledgling University College to a giant institution of excellence and choice in Africa and the world.

In pursuance of its mission, the university has been responding fully to the changing needs of the entire educational system of the country. It has also re-structured its degree program from B.A, B.Sc and B.Ed in education to B.A/B.Sc with non-education content and a B.Ed, which is a professional qualification in Education. This is to allow flexibility and choice in its course offerings and thus cater for specific needs of students, while still focusing on its mission.

The University offers courses in BA, B.Com, B.Ed, B.Sc, MA, MBA, M.Ed, M.Sc, M.Phil, MBChB, O.D, and PhD.

The University , which is five kilometres west of Cape Coast, is on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It operates on two campuses: the Southern Campus (Old Site) and the Northern Campus (New Site).
Main Library, Northern Campus.Two of the most important historical sites in Ghana, Elmina and Cape Coast Castle, are only a few kilometres from the university. The establishment of the university was a befitting tribute to this historic town and the cradle of education in Ghana. Cape Coast is now a growing tourist town with rich history and monuments.


The University of Cape Coast today is organized into eight faculties:

Faculty of Arts

  •     Department of African Studies
  •     Department of Classics and Philosophy
  •     Department of English
  •     Department of French
  •     Department of Ghanaian Languages
  •     Department of History
  •     Department of Music
  •     Department of Religious and Human Values
  •     Department of theatre & Film Studies

Faculty of Education

  •     Department of Arts and Social Sciences Education
  •     Department of Educational Foundations
  •     Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation
  •     Department of Primary Education
  •     Department of Science and Mathematics Education
  •     Department of Vocational and Technical Education
  •     Centre for Research on Improving Quality of Primary Education in Ghana
  •     Centre for Continuing Education
  •     Institute for Educational Planning and Administration

Faculty of Social Sciences

  •     Department of African and General Studies
  •     Department of Economics
  •     Department of Geography and Regional Planning
  •     Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  •     Department of Population and Reproductive Health
  •     Department of Sociology
  •     Institute for Development Studies

School of Agriculture

  •     Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension
  •     Department of Agricultural Engineering
  •     Department of Animal Science
  •     Department of Crop Science
  •     Department of Soil Science

School of Biological Sciences

  •     Department of Biochemistry
  •     Department of Entomology & Wildlife
  •     Department of Environmental Sciences
  •     Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences
  •     Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

School of Physical Sciences

  •     Department of Computer Science & Information Technology
  •     Department of Chemistry
  •     Department of Environmental Science
  •     Department of Laboratory Technology
  •     Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  •     Department of Optometry
  •     Department of Physics
  •     Computer Centre
  •     African Virtual University

Business School

    Department of Accounting and finance
    Department of Management Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Medical Sciences

  •     Department of Anatomy
  •     Department of Physiology
  •     Department of Biochemistry
  •     Department of Surgery
  •     Department of Internal Medicine
  •     Community Health Department
  •     Department of food and nutrition
  •     Department of Psychological Medicine
  •     Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Centre for International Education

The University of Cape Coast runs an international student exchange programme with participants from Europe, North America, and other African countries. International students are fully integrated into student and campus life and receive full credit on successful completion of their studies at UCC.

Halls of residence

  •     Oguaa hall
  •     The Great Atlantic Hall (Marine City)
  •     Casely Hayford Hall (Casford)
  •     Kwame Nkrumah Hall
  •     Oguaa Hall
  •     Valco Hall (industrial city)
  •     School of Medical Sciences (SMS) Hall
  •     Valco Postgraduate Hostel

The university has a number of private hostels:

  •     Ghana Hostels LTD (SSNIT Hostel)
  •     Hamglor hostel
  •     Juliborn hostel
  •     Ameley
  •     Jodok
  •     Excellence
  •     Ayensu Plaza Hostel
  •     Shallom Tent
  •     Success City
  •     The Nest Hostel
  •     Sammy Otu
  •     Sassakawa Chalets
  •     Peace Hostel
  •     Oye Inn Hostel
  •     Flash Point Hostel
  •     Baduwa Memorial Hostel
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