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History Of Education In Ghana

The inital attempts to introduce formal education in Ghana were made by the many European merchants, especially the Danes, Dutch and English, who started it ... Full story

Mileage Between Accra And Other Regions

MILEAGE: ACCRA - SOME REGIONSITafo TamaleTarkwaTemaWaWinnebaWenchiAkosomboAburiBerekumDormaaGoasoAshanti MampongMimNsuta (Ashanti)Obuasi 96    Km Bekwai'651    Km ffi&arir316 Km    Cape Coast29 Km    Damango706 Km    Dodowa66 Km    Elmina427 Km    Ho100 Km    ... Full story

External Contact and Influences of the People of the North

External Contact and InfluencesIt was largely through commerce that these earlykingdoms had contacts with the outside world. Forpurposes of trade, the state-forming peoples establishedmarket-places. The ... Full story

The Government of the People of the North

GovernmentThese kingdoms had almost the same system ofadministration. for instance, among the Mamprusi,the Nayiri was the supreme ruler over the wholekingdom. He was the law ... Full story

Invasion of the Peoples of the North

InvasionThe way in which these people organised their liveswas greatly changed by bands of invaders who decendedupon them towards the close of the thirteenthcentury. The ... Full story

Early History of the Peoples of the North

Early HistoryFrom a study of the oral traditions of the several tribesof Northern Ghana it appears that the earliest inhabitants were the Vagala, the Sisala, ... Full story

The land of Ghana

The land of GhanaGhana is a tropical country which means that it isalways warm here and sometimes very hot. Accordingto the time of the year ... Full story

The name Ghana

The name GhanaToday, we call our country Ghana, but a few yearsago it was called the Gold Coast. The Europeans whocame to trade along the ... Full story

The tools of history

The tools of historyOne difficulty of historians who wish to know more about the truth of our past is that the clues are not always ... Full story

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A ludo board is normally a square marked with a cross. Each arm of the cross is divided into three columns, with the columns ... Full story

Emmanuel Odarkwei Obetsebi-Lamptey

Emmanuel Odarkwei Obetsebi-Lamptey (April 26,  1902-January 29th 1963) was one of the "Big Six,' the group of nationalists called who were arrested imprisoned by the ... Full story

William Ofori-Atta

ATTA, OFORI- William,B.A. (Econ.). Barrister-al-Law, Solicitor and Advocate; Educationist; Politician. BORN: October 10,1910; Kibi, Eastern Region, Ghanaian. Married, with children. EDUCATION: Kibi Govt. School (1919-24); ... Full story

Dr. Ako Adjei

One of the Big Six and Minister in the First Republic In the history of Ghanaian politics Adjei can be said to be the John the ... Full story

Dr. J.B. Danquah (1895-1965)

The Watson Commission of Inquiry into the 1948 Accra riots described Dr. J.B. Danquah as the "doyen of Gold Coast politicians; the man at the ... Full story

Dr. Edward Akufo Addo

DDO, AKUFO Dr. Edward, M.A. (Oxon); B.L.; D.C.L.; JVl.O.V; O.O.V. Journalist, Jurist and Statesman. BORN: June 26, 1906; Akropong-Akwapim, Eastern Region. Son of Dora Amuafi ... Full story

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

Kwame Nkrumah (September 21, 1909-April 27, 1972) led the Gold Coast to independence in 1957 as the state of Ghana, and thereafter, first as prime ... Full story

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