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Ho is a town in southeast Ghana and is the capital of the Volta Region. It lies between Mount Adaklu and Mount Galenukui (Togo Atakora Range), and is home to a museum, a cathedral and a large prison. The language spoken is Ewe and English being the official Language of the country]. The city arose initially from a union of two villages namely, Banakoe (today Bankoe) and Hegbe (today Heve). A group of Bankoers left Bankoe to settle in Ahliha (today Hliha). Later on, Ahoe and Dome came to join the union to form today's Ho. Suburbs such as Deme (originated from Taviepe, also in the Ho municipality) due to a historical conflict sought refuge in Ho. They were then given land to settle and developed into a suburb which is now called Deme. Other suburbs which were independent villages are Sokode, Ziavi, Klepe, Adaklu, Akoepe, Takla, Kpenoe, and Hoviepe.

The traditional festival of the people of Ho is the yam festival which is celebrated around September.

Ho was a part of the German colony of Togoland until World War I, when it was occupied by the British. Ho later became the capital of the League of Nations mandate of British Togoland until that entity's incorporation into the British Gold Coast colony, which subsequently became Ghana.

Unlike the capital of Ghana, Accra, Ho seems like a village that has swollen into a city. While in central parts the roads are paved, those roads outside are not.

The city is home to two hospitals, including the Volta Regional Hospital, completed in the year 2000 with a loan from the British government. There are also numerous clinics available in the city.

Ho is noted for a lively and huge open market that attracts people from all over Ghana and Togo. There are numerous churches, including the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ho. Ho Sports Stadium is also located in the town. Famous educational institutions include: Ho Polytechnic, Mawuli School, OLA Girls' Secondary School, Kabore School Complex and Dora Memorial School.

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