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Eastern Region (Ghana)

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Eastern Region (Ghana)

The Eastern Region is one of Ghana's ten administrative regions. It covers an area of 19,323 square kilometres, which is about 8.1% of Ghana's total land area. The region is divided into administrative districts. The total number of districts were increased from 17 districts to 21. The current list is as follows:

    Akuapim North District
    Akuapim South Municipal District
    Akyemansa District
    Asuogyaman District
    Atiwa District
    Birim Central Municipal District
    Birim North District
    Birim South District
    East Akim Municipal District
    Fanteakwa District
    Kwaebibirem District
    Kwahu East District
    Kwahu North District
    Kwahu South District
    Kwahu West Municipal District
    Lower Manya Krobo District
    New-Juaben Municipal District
    Suhum/Kraboa/Coaltar District
    Upper Manya Krobo District
    West Akim District
    Yilo Krobo District


The Afram Plains District does not exist any longer. The Akuapim South District, East Akim District and Kwahu West Districts have been upgraded to Municipal status with the addition of Birim Central Municipal District which is entirely new. Other new districts include Akyemansa District, Kwahu East District and Kwahu North District. The Manya Krobo District has been split into Lower Manya Krobo District and Upper Manya Krobo District.



"The region has four major ethnic groupings, namely Akan (52.1%), the Ga-Dangme (18.9%), the Ewes (15.9%) and the Guans (7.2%). Of these, the Ewes are the only non-indigenous ethnic group. The Akan predominate in 11 of the 17 districts, with variation from 68 to 80 per cent of the population. The Yilo Krobo and Manya Krobo Districts have the largest concentration of the Ga-Dangmes, who constitute 70.0 per cent of the inhabitants of these two districts. The Ewe are found mainly in the Asuogyaman (39.1%) and the Afram Plains (50.8%) Districts, while the Guan inhabit the Akwapim North (34.5%), the Suhum-Kraboa- Coaltar (17.0%) and Asuogyaman, (14.1%) Districts."

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